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Lo struma ovarii è un tumore raro nella patologia ovarica, e condivide con il carcinoide primario dell'ovaio che deriva probabilmente dall'epitelio intestinale di un teratoma la peculiarità di essere un tumore specializzato composto quasi o del tutto da tessuto maturo anche funzionante.

19/01/2010 · Malignant struma ovarii is a rare gynecologic cancer. It may occur at any age, but the peak frequence is in the fifth and sixth decades of life. Rates of benign and malignant struma ovarii among teratomas are 2 and 0.3%, respectively 4, 8. The most common presenting symptom is a pelvic mass.</plaintext></p> <p>struma ovarii. Clinical symptoms that may mani-fest due to the presence of a struma ovarii are: lower abdominal pain, palpable abdominal mass, ascites, abnormal vaginal bleeding Yoo et al. 2008. There are few cases of pseudo-Meigs syndrome reported in both benign and malignant struma ovarii. 01/04/2010 · Patients with malignant struma ovarii may respond to thyroidectomy followed by radioactive iodine therapy 2, 3. Our patient underwent thyroidectomy and treatment with radioactive iodine 5.55 mBq 131 I. Posttherapy whole body scan after levothyroxine withdrawal revealed uptake in the thyroid bed, abdomen, and pelvis. 08/06/2016 · Malignant struma ovarii SO is a rare tumor, and as a consequence, treatments and follow-up procedures are not clearly established. Presented in this study are two cases of suspicious ovarian masses, resected and corresponding to malignant SO on histopathology. Background Malignant struma ovarii MSO is a very rare, germ cell tumor of the ovary, histologically identical to differentiated thyroid cancers. Struma ovarii SO is difficult to diagnose on clinical basis or imaging and is mostly discovered incidentally, with few published cases in the literature. The term struma ovarii designates an uncommon class of ovarian tumors consisting only or mainly of thyroid tissue. 1 Malignant transformation of struma ovarii occurs in approximately 5% of cases and may lead to the occurrence of metastases. 2 On the other hand, differentiated thyroid cancer may metastasize to one or both ovaries, or occur.</p> <p>03/10/2014 · Malignant struma ovarii is a rare type of ovarian tumor. Metastasis from malignant struma ovarii is rare and has only been documented in 5–6% of cases. The natural history and optimal treatment strategy for malignant struma ovarii remains controversial due to its rarity. The current report. 03/12/2019 · Struma ovarii maligna. Matysiak-Grzes M1, Fischbach J, Gut P, Klimowicz A, Gryczynska M, Wasko R, Ruchala M. Author information: 1Department of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Internal Diseases, University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland. Radiologic findings. The ultrasound US features of struma ovarii are nonspecific, but a heterogeneous, predominantly solid mass may be seen. US demonstrates a complex appearance with multiple cystic and solid areas, findings that reflect the gross pathologic appearance of the tumor. Malignant struma ovarii is a rare gynecologic cancer. It may occur at any age, but the peak frequence is in the fifth and sixth decades of life. Rates of benign and malignant struma ovarii among teratomas are 2 and 0.3%, respectively 4, 8. 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